Kuva: Joona Nieminen

Barker & Ens Company: Quantum Rhapsody

Two dancers embark on a journey through the mysteries of a quantum dimension, following the collapse of the world as we know it.

They delve into the heart of wave-particle duality, uncertainty and quantum entanglement, while encountering the captivating pull of black holes and their strong gravitational force.

The Rhapsody segment infuses this production with emotions and flow, reminding us of our humanity amidst a world in constant flux between destruction, chaos and hope.

A performance in which the dancers meet the smallest scale of reality, in a dimension that challenges their conventional understanding and thought. Simultaneously reminding us of our present world and its societal black holes, while instilling hope for a brighter future.

Working group

Dance and interpretation: Anna Jolma & Rens Borkent
Visuals , social media and soundtrack: Joona Nieminen
Light design and technics: Jukka Haataja & Bror Österlund
Choreography and creative chaos: Marjan Raar

Quantum Rhapsody is a cooperation between Finland and the Netherlands.

Production: Barker Theatre, Ens Company and Marjan Raar

Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska Kulturfonden & Konstsamfundet


At Barker Theatre, Linnankatu 31 (4th floor)

Wednesday 4.9.2024 at 19.00
Friday 6.9.2024 at 19.00
Saturday 7.9.2024 at 19.00
Sunday 8.9.2024 at 15.00

Ticket reservations: liput@barkerteatteri.fi