Marjan Raar, Evgeny Kostyukov ja Anna Jolma

Into the Cloud (on algorithms and Xmas people)

Turun pääkirjaston Rotunda klo 14.00–14.40

Kuvassa kaksi tanssijaa

In this choreography we see two dancers trapped in a matrix created for them. There is no way in, neither out. The matrix winds and hangs somewhere between real life and the great black universe. Reality begins to be unreal, algorithms are taking over, viruses are implanted and the matrix’s black and green colors are hypnotising.

A choreography in which we want to explore the possibilities of implementing and translating today’s science into the dancer’s body.

Also a project in which we aim to explore the strength of humanity and our ability to adapt to technology and automation without losing our key goal; love for life.

Dance: Anna Jolma, Evgeny Kostyukov, Marjan Raar
Choreography: Marjan Raar
Music and sound: Bikkie Skeef