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The application is now open!

Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland (RDCWF), located in Turku, and Globe Art Point are now jointly calling for contemporary dance artists and other performing artists. The call is open until December 31, 2021 klo 16:00. This GAP LAB is supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation and artists should have a connection to Swedish language or/and to the Swedish-speaking environment or/and the Swedish-speaking public in the area of Western Finland. 

To whom?

Artists living and/or working in the region of Southwest Finland.

We are seeking a group of 3 to 5 persons where both Finnish and foreing-born artists living and working in Finland are represented. We are seeking artists who like to work with projects where the process itself would be open to the public. You can answer the call as an already formed group or as an individual willing to collaborate in a group. The Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland arranges the working space in Turku, in Manilla at Itäinen Rantakatu 64. 

The call is part of the Globe Art Point program GAP LAB Program. Residency includes one month working time between February and April and outputs in Turku at a separately agreed time and in Helsinki during 21.-22.4.2021 in GAP ART SUMMIT. Artists are paid one month’s salary, 2439,83€. Working times are agreed with the working group and RDCWF.

Applicants are called from any artistic discipline of performing arts. Your background could be in anything from dance, circus, performance arts, music, poetry, visual arts or any other form or shape of art that can fit the description of chamber art: intimate and within-touch arts experience. We welcome cross-disciplinary artistic ideas and are open to unforeseen/or new concepts. 


Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland (RDCWF) covers Southwest Finland and the province of Satakunta. The centre aims to develop collaboration between various agents and actors in the dance field and gain more public recognition for contemporary dance and other performing arts. It promotes dance, supports freelance dance artists to work in the region and arranges meetings, seminars and workshops. www.l-tanssi.fi

Globe Art Point (G.A.P) is an umbrella organization that was established in Helsinki in 2016 by a group of foreign born and Finnish artists and cultural workers with the aim to enhance diversity in the Finnish art and culture scene by supporting the working circumstances, visibility and cultural political status of the foreing-born artists and art workers resident in Finland.


Further information:

Sanna Meska
Managing Director, Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland

Jaana Simula
Managing Director, Globe Art Point